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Alphabetical list of available quadrangles. To view maps choose a quadrangle below:

Agency Lake quadrangle - C5
Altamont quadrangle - E8
Antler Point quadrangle -K9
Applegate Butte quadrangle - E4
Aspen Lake quadrangle - B7
Barnes Valley quadrangle - K8
Bear Butte quadrangle - G1
Beatty quadrangle - H6
Bly quadrangle - J6
Bonanza quadrangle - G8
Brady Butte - J9
Bryant Mountain - H9
Buttes of the Gods quadrangle - F5
Calimus Butte quadrangle - F4
Campbell Reservoir quadrangle - K6
Chicken Hills quadrangle - B9
Chiloquin quadrangle - D5
Coleman Point quadrangle - M6
Cook's Mountain quadrangle - G5
Cougar Peak quadrangle - M7
Crater Lake East quadrangle - B2
Crater Lake West quadrangle - A2
Crystal Spring quadrangle - B5
Dairy quadrangle - F8
Devils Peak quadrangle - A4
Ferguson Mountain quadrangle - I6
Fort Klamath quadrangle - C4
Fuego quadrangle - D3
Fuego Mountain quadrangle - G4
Gearhart Mountain quadrangle - L6
Gerber Reservoir quadrangle - J8
Gordon Lake quadrangle - G2
Hamaker Mountain quadrangle - C9
Hamelton Butte quadrangle - H3
Harvey Creek quadrangle - L4
Horsefly Mountain - J7
Howard Bay quadrangle - C7
Keno quadrangle - C8
Klamath quadrangle - D8
Lake of the Woods North quadrangle - A6
Lake of the Woods South quadrangle - A7
Langell Valley quadrangle- I9
Lee Thomas Crossing quadrangle - L5
Lenz quadrangle - D2
Lost River quadrangle - E9
Maklaks Crater quadrangle - B3
Mare's Egg Spring quadrangle - B4
Merrill quadrangle - F9
Military Crossing quadrangle - E2
Modoc Point quadrangle - D6
Mule Hill quadrangle - A9
Paradise Mountain quadrangle - K7
Pelican Bay quadrangle - B6
Pelican Butte quadrangle - A5
Pothole Butte quadrangle - C2
Quartz Valley quadrangle - L7
Riverbed Butte Spring quadrangle - I4
Rodeo Butte quadrangle - J5
Sandhill Crossing quadrangle - K5
Shake Butte quadrangle - K4
Shoalwater Bay quadrangle - C6
Silver Dollar Flat quadrangle - H4
S'Ocholis Canyon quadrangle - E5
Solomon Butte quadrangle - D4
Spencer Creek quadrangle - B8
Spodue Mountain quadrangle - H5
Sprague River East quadrangle - G6
Sprague River West quadrangle - F6
Sugar Pine Mountain quadrangle - F1
Sun Pass quadrangle - C3
Swan Lake quadrangle - F7
Swan Lake Point quadrangle - E6
Sycan Marsh West quadrangle - I3
The Bull Pasture quadrangle - G3
Union Peak - A3
Whiteline Reservoir quadrangle - E7
Wildhorse Ridge quadrangle - F2
Wocus quadrangle - D7
Wocus Bay quadrangle - E3
Yamsay Mountain quadrangle - H2
Yonna quadrangle - G7

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Archived original maps can be reviewed in the Shaw Library, Cornachione Collection, Oregon Institute of Technology, 3201 Campus Drive, Klamath Falls, OR 97601.
Project Manager: Harriet S. Cornachione, Professor, Civil Engineering Department, Oregon Institute of Technology, 3201 Campus Drive, Klamath Falls, OR 97601.
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